Sensory deprivation therapy in a float tank is a remarkably simple process, and you’ll feel results immediately after your first session. With regular sessions, many people find lasting stress management and anxiety relief without using medications. If you’re already taking meds for these conditions, you’ll want to check with your physician before changing or stopping your meds, but you may be surprised at how quickly you’re ready to have that conversation after you try float therapy!

Effective Stress Management

Urban life piles stress after stress on us, and many of us find ourselves living in a perpetual state of clenched jaws and quick tempers because of it. Stress can cause depression and physical ailments, dental problems resulting from grinding our teeth in our sleep, and a general feeling of unhappiness and annoyance. Spending an hour or two in a float tank on a regular basis helps our bodies and minds to reset, releasing stress and fully relaxing, so that we leave each session refreshed and ready to deal calmly with whatever life throws at us next. 

Lasting Anxiety Relief

 If you live with anxiety, you know all too well how anxiety builds to high points. Where you feel like the world is out to get you, or no one really likes you, or nothing you do is good enough, and you’re just a ridiculous pretender. Float therapy helps shortcut that build-up and allows you to take control of the endless loop of negative thoughts that can seriously affect every aspect of life. Inside the float pod, you’ll experience sensory deprivation, which is uncomfortable for some people at first. But, as you relax and begin listening to the sound of your own breathing, and you float so comfortably in the warm salt water that you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins, you reach a meditative state where your mind can slow down and stop feeding on its own frenzy. Repeated float sessions help you to build an upward spiral of relaxation and positivity and lasting anxiety relief, instead of an endless loop of self-destructive negativity.

Reduced Physical Pain

The float tank is about the size of a queen bed, and the warm water is loaded with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), which makes you more buoyant than if you were swimming in the Dead Sea. Magnesium sulfate is also well-proven to reduce muscle tension and swelling, and floating also relieves stress on your body so it can return to its normal, healthy shape, instead of the cramped and crunched positions we find ourselves in after too many hours on the road and behind our desks, working on a computer. When your body doesn’t hurt, your stress and anxiety levels are lower, and you’re likely to find yourself sleeping better.

Try Drug-Free Stress Management and Anxiety Relief  

If you’re ready to try natural pain relief, drug-free stress management and anxiety relief in Orlando, float pods are waiting for you at the HEAL Pain & Stress Relief Center. Heal 407 is a facility designed for relaxation and healing, and you’ll feel comfortable and cared-for from the moment you walk in. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment for your float tank session!

Massage therapy offers a wide range of health benefits, from natural pain relief and improved mobility to improved sleep and drug-free anxiety relief, a more positive outlook on life, and better stress management. Although you’re likely to notice improvements from your first deep tissue massage or relaxation massage session, the biggest benefits come from regular sessions. Reputable medical research has established the health benefits of massage therapy and disproven the notion that massage is only a luxury treatment for the wealthy and pampered. Massage therapy offers real benefits for all kinds of people.

Deep Tissue Massage For Better Physical Health 

Deep tissue massage uses slow, forceful strokes to reach muscle and connective tissues that may have been injured, or might be strained due to another injury. Deep tissue massage provides overall relaxation. But its primary target is helping the body to heal itself in specific areas that need help, such as a back sprain or chronic muscle pain from tension. Because pain and muscle tension lead to other health problems like digestive issues, headaches, and jaw pain, providing natural pain relief through massage can also alleviate these and other physical health conditions.

Improved Sleep And Emotional Well-Being

Both relaxation massage and deep tissue massage leave the body more relaxed overall, which, in combination with reducing or eliminating physical pain, can allow you to sleep longer and more deeply, which helps your body repair itself and your mind and emotions reset themselves. Massage also promotes correction of chemistry in the body that can lead to depression and anxiety. Numerous peer-reviewed medical studies found that massage lowers cortisol, which triggers stress reactions, and raises serotonin. Low serotonin levels are linked to depression, while correct serotonin levels regulate mood, social behavior, sleep, memory, and sexual desire. Many regular massage clients find that they’re calmer and more even-tempered, that their memory and thinking are sharper, and that they feel more energized and less exhausted overall.

Lasting Benefits of Massage

With a regular schedule of massage therapy over time, you’re likely to discover that it’s easier to manage your stress. You may experience fewer symptoms of anxiety, and as your body is allowed proper relaxation and sleep, it will be able to keep repairing itself, working toward its best-possible health. When you’re more relaxed and not in pain, you’ll walk straighter and sit with better posture, which, in turn, minimizes the strain on your neck, wrists, hands, shoulders, and back. Less pain, stress, and sleeplessness allows you to see the world and the people in your life in more positive ways, and, ultimately, to live a happier life.

Experience The Benefits Of Massage First-Hand 

Many people are skeptical about the potential benefits they might gain from regular deep tissue massage or relaxation massage. It’s okay if you’re one of them! If you’re in the Orlando area, we invite you to give massage therapy a try and prove to yourself that the benefits are vast and far-reaching. Contact us at the HEAL Pain & Stress Relief Center for more information and to schedule an appointment.