Hi Friends,

Some of you might have seen my post about our Laxman Light and Sound Therapy machine – that’s the one where I had the goofy looking goggles on. Well, these goofy looking goggles are just one of the three parts that make up the Laxman Machine. The other two are an MP3 player, and a pair of headphones. During your session you’ll plug the headphones into the MP3 player to enjoy auditory stimulation, and the goggles into the MP3 player for visual stimulation, creating an truly blissful audiovisual experience.

These 3 components work together to create a hypnotic and deeply relaxing experience. You’ll be able to choose your particular experience from one of dozens of different pre-programmed sessions. Each session has predetermined light patterns and ambient music designed to trigger different reactions from the mind. Some sessions aim to relax, some create an increased ability to focus and some are designed to elicit feelings of exhilaration. My favorite session is called Lovely which helps promote dreams and a restful sleep 🙂

Most sessions are around 20 minutes long. We can set you up in the salt booth with the Sound and Light Therapy Machine or you can choose to lay down in a massage room or even . You can keep your eyes opened or closed, each provides a different visual experience. Gives us a call at 407.300.5364 or send us a Facebook messages if you’d like to try or have any questions.

Hi guys, I am back for another session of what did Lauren learn this week? I started researching the benefits of adding SOLE into your morning routine. I honestly found something that really hit close to home!

I drink a copious amount of water throughout the week. I carry my water bottle everywhere to help quench any feelings of thirst I might get during the day. I often found myself wondering why I was still feeling thirsty after drinking so much water? It seemed like I was just having to run to the bathroom more frequently!

Turns out we can over consume plain water which ends up flushing out our systems instead of hydrating. Over-drinking water can lower our metabolism and prevent our bodies from absorbing and processing the minerals, electrolytes and nutrients it needs to function properly.

I am not recommending that you stop drinking water but you should really consider adding Sole to your morning routine. Sole is mineral rich, unrefined, and unprocessed natural salts and water. Using Sole Jar is easy and unobstructed to your day. Just add water in your jar already filled with Himalayan Salt Crystals, let it sit for 12 or so hours, then add a teaspoon of the mixture to an 8. Oz glass of water 30 minutes before you have your morning meal.

An important note is that the Himalayan salt available in the grocery store as well as regular table salt does NOT have the same benefits as Sole. A teaspoon of Sole has about 480mg of sodium while cooking/table salt has about 1,700mg to 2,000mg of sodium.

Give us call at 407-300-5364 or stop by if you have any questions about Sole Jar or would like to try it!

Lauren here! Lately, I’ve heard the words CBD Oil pop up everywhere, in articles online, recommendations from friends, and here at work. If you, like me, have been wondering what the heck CBD oil is all about, I can help. I’ve done my homework and am here to share about CBD Oil and its benefits?

CBD is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant, this is known as a cannabinoid. No, you will not experience any psychoactive effects from CBD oil. The compound used in CBD oil comes from the hemp plant which does not contain THC, the mind altering compound found in marijuana.

Research suggests that when we consume CBD it directs the body to use more of its own endocannabinoid. Introducing CBD oil into your body will help it produce its own CBD allowing you to naturally fight inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and improve your digestive health.

CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD, the concentration and uses of these oils vary. Kat’s Naturals offers a variety of concentraions and dosages of CBD oil, each dosage created to promote a specific response from the body. Heal helps with inflammation and chronic pain, Balance improves digestive health and balances hormones, while Relax promotes a restful sleep and decreases anxiety symptoms.

Give us call at 407.300.5364 or send us a Facebook message if you have any questions or want to try CBD oil.

As always I recommend checking with your physician if you are currently on any medications, have a medical condition before using CBD oil.