Stress, we all feel it- we all have bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and relationships to navigate. The stressors of our everyday life, no matter how mundane and normalized they might seem, trigger our bodies “flight or fight response.”

When we are overexposed to these stressors like high stress jobs, interpersonal drama, financial worries, our bodies may get stuck in the flight or fight mode causing chronic stress.

The longer we experience chronic stress the worse it is for our bodies and minds. 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress and over half of all doctors visits are for stress related complaints or aliments.

Chronic stress can cause high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, tense muscles, sleep problems and more, it starts to take over our lives mentally and physically speaking.

Here at Heal. We address the mental and physical sides of your health, you cannot treat one without the other. That’s how our medicine cabinets fill up with anti-inflammatory meds, antidepressants, high blood pressure medication, etc.

We often only go seek remedies for our physical ailments while neglecting the mental aspects of what might be causing our pain. If you only treat physical ailments then you’ll end up in a never ending cycle of seeking treatments for temporary relief of pain. All of Heal.’s services offer both pain relief and relaxation to help maximize your time spent on self- care.

Give us call or text at 407.300.5364 or send us a Facebook message to request a free consultation to help personalize your self-care treatment.

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