Make time for yourself this holiday season, even if it’s just moving your body by walking outdoors or doing yoga for twenty minutes and then finishing with a five to ten minute meditation. This time spent with yourself is so important and necessary for your overall well-being. You know how bears hibernate all winter? Incorporate that sense of going within and “hibernating” when you’re meditating so that when you are ready to step out into the rest of your day – you’re left with clarity, calm, and energy!

This week we will share with you a simple breathing meditation with a mantra attached to it so that you can restore peace of mind during this holiday season. Ready to relax?

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position
  2. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart
  3. Observe your breath normally for a few minutes
  4. Bring all of your attention to the rise and fall of your belly with each inhale and exhale
  5. Gradually begin to increase the sound and depth of your breath
  6. Inhale half way into the belly, keep inhaling half way all the way into the heart and chest as you feel your sides expand (diaphragm breathing)
  7. Hold the breath at the very top!
  8. Exhale slowly, smoothly and evenly
  9. Hold the breath out for a moment and pause
  10. On your next breath, add your mantra – repeating silently to yourself
  11. With your inhales “I breathe in peace” and with your exhales “I breathe out peace”
  12. Keep going for five to ten minutes

Just be the observer of your thoughts and emotions as they rise. It’s normal to want to attach yourself to the feelings that come up but just picture your thoughts and emotions as clouds in the sky as they float in and float out. By observing everything with a sense of detachment it will give you a big-picture view of situations in your life. Continue to practice this quick meditation when you feel any type of anxiety or fear trying to take the driver’s seat. This sacred time of being with yourself can really help to open your perception up to what you’re capable of and allow you to be at peace with everything that is going on amidst any external chaos. Life is always happening for you, not to you! So take a deep breath!

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