You know how the saying goes, “patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet?” Well, it’s so true!
Patience is a virtue. Why? Because with patience you’re practicing the art of grateful waiting. Waiting around for something to grow or begin can be exhausting in it’s own, but how awesome is it when you can sit back, trust that all is happening in the right timing!

In this day in age, we are so accustomed to expecting everything to happen as fast as it can, in our own time, but we forget that sometimes we must be okay with waiting a while. I want to share with you some instances where being patient while trusting that all is unfolding in a perfect manner can help to ease the feelings of stress or anxiety that waiting and waiting can sometimes bring.

The first step in practicing mindful patience is knowing that we must first be patient with ourselves. You didn’t grow up knowing how to walk… you had to learn, little by little, how to stand tall on your own two feet before you began to walk. You didn’t plant the seeds into the soil and expect it to sprout overnight…. you knew that good things take time and gave that flower the space and time to bloom without a rush. You didn’t become the master at your craft in a matter of days… you used your energy wisely in learning, growing and applying all that you know to your career, passion or even hobby!

What I am trying to say here is that no matter what – time is on our side. Whether or not we can realize it, our patience and willingness to accept the things we cannot change, make the “waiting game” a lot less fussy. We’re able to step back and put our trust in something higher than ourselves knowing that no matter what – whatever is meant to happen will happen.

I challenge you this week to notice when you start to grow impatient. Then ask yourself why. A lot of the time it’s because we are missing one thing – trust. When we lack faith and trust then everything around us seems to be working against us. But for a moment just breathe in… breathe out… and know that you are always supported and the “waiting” that you’re currently experiencing – especially if you’ve been in this stagnation for quite a long time – is all serving a higher purpose. It’s essentially the Universe showing you where you need to surrender and allow. Surrender to the unknown and allow things to unfold in their own special timing.

That’s all for this week! Stay patient. Stay calm. Stay kind.

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