As I was sitting here peeling an orange (literally), I knew in today’s blog post I wanted to talk about the power of stillness and softness but wasn’t sure how to start. It’s always those moments where you least expect it that bring such great insights. Just as you peel back the layers of an orange to get to the juicy and soft center, so do we as humans need to learn how to efficiently peel back the layers that we’ve built overtime so to find our center – where we come back to our soft, balanced, receptive, trusting, and authentic self.

You’re probably reading this asking yourself “is she really comparing me to an orange right now?!”, and yes, I am! You see, over the years we have accumulated these layers of fear, stress, anxiety, doubt, guilt, anger, resentment, hurt, impatience, confusion and so on, that we forget that at the root of EVERYTHING – we are simply love! It is in our innate nature to be love. Your name might be Jack or Jill, and you might hold on to the image of who everyone else thinks you are – but you are LOVE. When you are at your most still, quiet and authentic YOU – you are love embodied in human form. Cool, huh?

Let’s take a deeper look at how these layers came to be. A lot of the time, the layers we build upon ourselves come out of wanting to protect that part of ourselves that we see as vulnerable, at high risk for getting hurt, being judged, or not being accepted. Yet, that same part of yourself that you hide from the world IS the person who the world needs. When we allow, let’s say, anger, to be a layer that molds its self around our heart and body, we can’t fully allow any light or positive experience or energy to infiltrate into our heart.. or even into our life.

This can be applied to whichever “layer” rings true for you the most. For me, personally, the layer of doubt is slowly but surely the last layer to make it’s way out. So what have I done, that you can do too, to help peel back your layers? Well to start, get quiet. Yep, just sit or lay down with your eyes closed and BE. Breathe, feel your breath as it travels in and out of your nose, and then bring all of your awareness into your body. At first, this simple exercise of pressing pause can seem absolutely daunting to some people, but practice makes progress!

Let’s say for today you find 2 or 3 minutes of complete quiet and stillness. High five! This could be while you’re taking a shower, in your car before heading into work, or right before you close your eyes at night. In these precious and soft moments that you have, ask yourself these questions, ready?

  1. What layer of mine is preventing me from feeling fulfilled in life? (Boom, you recognize the layer that is blocking you from your blessings!)
  2. How long has this layer been present in my life? (Aha! Go as far far far far back as you can remember. What event or situation caused this layer to start forming? Did you grow up with strict workaholic parents that expected the same out of you? Or maybe you showcased your art at the middle school art show and got ridiculed by classmates? Or maybe you feel as though you were the reason for someone to be upset at you? Whatever it is, go to that place…)
  3. Am I able to forgive myself or (insert external person, place, situation, or circumstance here) for the development of this layer? Take nothing personally with this question. Just forgive. (Forgiveness yields compassion which yields love.)
  4. What action steps can I take TODAY to finally remove this layer, knowing that it is a work in progress and that I need to be patient? (Let’s say your layer is FEAR, what can you do today to step into and through your FEAR, to once and for all step into your authentic power and divinity? Don’t jump off a cliff.. unless that’s fun for you! I mean, do you have something to say to someone? If it scares you to say it, all the more reason to do it.)
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with each of your layers.

And that’s it! You’ll eventually find yourself slowly aligning to your true self. The motivated, ambitious, organized, tenacious, passionate, loved, cheerful, powerful and friggin amazing YOU that you’ve always been. Once we can align ourselves from the inside, the outside (our career, relationships, hobbies, etc..) can also be in alignment.

Until next time, happy healing!

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