Let’s face it. Massage is SO healing. Each type of massage provides it’s own benefits, but if you’re unsure of the right massage, the massage can sometimes counteract itself.
Sometimes, most of the confusion happens simply because you might not understand the different types of massages that exist.

So, when choosing your massage, there are a few things to consider… you might ask yourself, “what is my intention in getting a massage today?”

Perhaps you are in dire need of relaxation after a long days work, or maybe you had a tough week with working out or doing physical labor that you need help in removing knots and tension in your back and shoulders… Or, you might be looking for an more energetic experiencing in your massage.

The great thing is, at Heal. we have exactly the right massage therapists that YOU need, for your specific needs on any given day.

A massage should never be painful. You should be able to feel the muscles releasing tension throughout your deep tissue massages, but you should never find yourself clenching, squeezing, gripping or tightening other areas of the body! That doesn’t sound relaxing at all!

There are many options in choosing massage and sure, it can be a lot to take in, so just allow yourself to remember to think about your personal preference as well as your bodies concerns!

The following massage types can be scheduled at Heal.:
Relaxation Massage:Our Relaxation Massage is aimed to help you ease tension, physically and mentally. The use of therapeutic grade essential oils will help you fall into a deeper state of bliss while the therapist performs a massage with light to medium pressure leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This massage does not focus on problem areas and does not use deep pressure.
Therapeutic Massage:If you are loo

king for relief from pain, this is the massage for you. Through manipulation of the body’s soft tissue this Deep Tissue style massage stimulates circulation and promotes relaxation for tight muscle groups. Because it takes time to thoroughly warm the muscles, this massage is not full body and is only targeted to specific areas.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage:The purpose of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is to assist in bringing balance to the autonomic nervous system by strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system! The stones are smooth and glide easily over your body during the massage to aid in toxin release, improved sleep and well-being.

Sports Massage:.Focuses on the needs of the athlete. Releases muscle tension and restores balance.

Medical Massage:The intent of medical massage is to improve prescribed medical conditions or pathologies by utilizing a variety of modalities. Cupping, Stretching, MPS and Theragun may be used at any time during the session (included in price).

Massages with Maria:During your session with Maria, you will be taken upon a unique healing journey. Her technique combines a variety of modalities, and over a decade of experience to create a blissful blend of tranquility. All sessions are coupled with energy balancing, gentle rocking, light stretching, and flowing strokes to work deeply into the muscle and tissue creating a gentle, profound release. Her technique helps to calm the Central Nervous System and release physical and mental tension.

If you’re still unsure about which massage you might need, give us a call at 407-300-5364 or come in to Heal. in Altamonte Springs to learn more about each type of massage and service that we offer.
The common denominator among each massage will always be…. stress relief. This is something you can always count on!