Healing at your Fingertips?
Pure Bio-Energy Healing

What is it?
Pure bioenergy healing has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. It is considered a
form of alternative healing. Bioenergy healing begins with using your own body and universal
energy for healing. It does not require anything special; in fact, anyone, with the right training,
can learn how to heal using energy, and anyone is able to accept healing from others. Since we
are all made of pure energy, our bodies can tune in to this healing energy. Even animals can
accept this healing energy!

How Does it Work?
Bioenergy healing is based on re-balancing the body’s natural energy field. A bioenergy therapist
acts as a channel and conductor for universal energy. Techniques are applied to balance, align,
and clear blockages on a person’s energy field. “Pure bioenergy restores and balances
bioenergetic information to activate the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.” The body
harnesses this energy and begins to heal physical, emotional, or mental blockages that may be
causing pain, illness, or disease.

We are all Energy.
In a world full of waves and matter, everything breaks down to energy. Ever felt like someone
has a “vibe?” Well, everything is made of vibrating energy fields . The world, including
ourselves, are influenced by the energy fields of others, which includes their thoughts, feelings,
and “vibes” a.k.a. energy vibrations. Since we are influenced by the world’s energy vibrations,
our bodies are able to accept and connect with bioenergy healing. Strong energy can influence
weak energy within ourselves.

So, does it Really Work?
Of course, it does! This healing method has been around for thousands of years, and for a good
reason, too. It is 100% safe and natural. There are many testimonials from bioenergy consumers,
including bioenergy healing helping conditions like allergies, arthritis, lower back pain, and

How Can You Experience Pure BioEnergy?
Schedule a session at Heal. with Maria, a Pure BioEnergy Practitioner, in Altamonte Springs and Winter Park, Florida. She will further explain to you the intricate details of your session on a case by case basis. Click here to schedule, if you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at info@heal407.com. We hope to see you!

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Written and sourced by Amber Mercer, 2020
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