Just like we need to take care of our physical body, we need to do the same for our energetic body. We are all made up of different energies, and when these energies become stagnant, unbalanced, or blocked, it can cause illness. 

Crystal healing helps unblock, balance, and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal. 

Crystal Healing involves intuitive placement of stones along meridian lines and energy centers to assist in removing stuck energy to raise your vibration, improve your mood and improve your relationship with yourself.

You will leave feeling renewed, rejuvenated, lighter in mind, body, and soul, and further guided on your individual healing journey. Though the healing process is different for everyone, crystals can bring calmness and inner peace to all. 

It never ceases to amaze and humble me how profoundly cleansing and clearing stones can be.

There are different types of crystals, depending on the different type of mineral it’s made from and the conditions it forms in. 

The way crystals are formed imbues them with the ability to hold different energies.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Aragonite is a stabilizing stone that centers and grounds. It provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress. 

Lepidolite is a soothing and peaceful stone, helpful in diffusing heavy energy to allow for a sense of balance and stability. It can bring a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress and chaos. 

Peacock Ore is known as a stone of happiness.  It uplifts our self-esteem and helps us to let go of doubts, fears, and any self-limiting beliefs we may have. 

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