Want to get it back?

Is your balance physical, emotional, or both?

If you’ve experienced an injury, or have an overworked muscle, it may be throwing your balance off. It is interesting how we can have a pain in the neck, yet it’s actually from an overstrained muscle elsewhere. It can throw your hips off, straining your gait. Pretty soon, the whole shebang feels out of whack.

Sitting at computers, being hunched over devices, can take a toll on our posture and balance. Keeping the body healthy and in balance can help prevent falls, increase blood circulation, and lower cortisol levels keeping stress and anxiety away.

The saying have a work/life balance get thrown around, without any real advice as to how to get there.

We hear about having balance in life, but what does that even mean?

Let’s start with taking a breath, you can do this.

We have 24 hours in a day, minus 8 for sleeping, 8 for work, and 8 for play.

“Play” for eight? You think I’m kidding don’t you?

There are other obligations in those 8 hours too. Grass still needs mowing, groceries need buying, the kids sports games or dance needs attending. Appointments for this and that, other tasks pulling at you all the time, and…


Balance gone.

Finding balance again starts with you and your mindset. Gratitude for your life goes a long way.

Do you hav a gratitude journal? Or start your day thinking about what you’re grateful for?

Gratitude for the job that provides for your needs, gratitude for the green grass, for the groceries in the fridge, gratitude for getting to go watch the kids in their hobbies.

When the balance of the two worlds collide, and you feel you need more, that’s where we come in. Massage Therapy restores the balance in the mind and body. Learn more by clicking the picture below…

At Heal. we believe in treating the whole body, mind included. We offer many massage modalities to find exactly what your body and mind need.

We have all the Heal.s for you to be at your best.

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