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4-Week Nervous System Regulation Challenge

Stressed out.

Mind Racing.


This doesn't have to be a way of life...but we are never really given the tools that we need to live otherwise.

Over time, this stress overloads our nervous system and begins to impact us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our nervous system controls everything. It can't operate optimally under all of this stress and tension.

Time to give your brain a break.

Time to let go of all that tension you are holding on to.

Time to breathe.

If you are ready to:

-feel less stressed

-sleep better

-lower pain levels

-boost immune system

-experience less anxiousness

Then this 4-week Nervous System Regulation challenge is perfect for you.

Within this challenge you will receive:

-Unlimited Reset classes**

-2 Light and Sound Therapy Sessions

-Access to Virtual Breathwork Class with Dr. Stephanie Burgos

-Access to Virtual TRE class with Bryan Raymond

-$50 Gift Certificate for a Nervous System checkup at Revival Chiropractic

-$20 Gift Certificate for float therapy at Float8

-Gift Certificate for a class at Tribe Yoga

-Support throughout the challenge

-Discount on other services at Heal. $15 off sessions with Laryssa, Nicole or Brie OR free steam eye mask on sessions with Maria or Natalie

**If you are not sure what a Reset class is, these are our 20-minute signature stress relief sessions that combine meditation, guided breathwork, and sound healing with instruments like Quartz singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, and other instruments.

This combination allows you to practice creating calm within your nervous system and helps to bring you back to balance, without taking too much time out of your day.


The sound and vibration act as a massage for the cells, which is extremely important for clearing out tension.


You will leave the class feeling lighter, brighter, and refreshed.

We recommend doing at least 3 classes a week throughout the challenge.

Although these classes are wonderful- they can’t do it all!

So, we have carefully curated this 4-week challenge to nurture your nervous system and have collaborated with other practitioners to bring you even more nervous system regulation!!

Stressed out does not have to be a way of life, and this challenge is here to help you break out of that pattern!

Make time for yourself.

Make time for your health.

Make time for your healing.


A regulated nervous system is the biggest gift you can give yourself this year.

We offer our signature Reset classes regularly, but this challenge and everything you get is running from January 30- February 27th!

Self-Love Investment: $199

There is a paylater option available through our booking site which allows you to split this into 4 payments.

Registration will be closing 02/02/2024

We can't wait to share this incredible 4-week experience with you!

Want to see the different class times we offer?

Click here 

Sound Healing in Orlando
Our Sound Healing room in Orlando has Quartz Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, plus other sound healing instruments.

I want in on this challenge!

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