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Why Dry Salt Therapy is so Beneficial During Allergy Season

Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is an all-natural, safe and drug-free remedy to take care of allergies and other respiratory conditions. Salt has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits that aids in loosening excessive mucus. All of the properties in dry salt therapy make it a gentle and effective modality to take care […]

Meet Honey Calcite

“I Believe in Me” Honey (or Golden) Calcite helps you connect with yourself and your self power. It is great for emotional support when recovering from abusive situations or relationships. This stone increases courage, confidence and feelings of self worth and allows you to connect with your inner badass as you overcome obstacles. You got […]

Meet Sodalite

“I’m here for the Truth” Sodalite is an amazing stone for communication enhancement, and allows you to speak your truth with ease, confidence and clarity. If you are often leaving things left unsaid, or tend to get defensive or overly sensitive in conversations, this stone will help you to gracefully speak your mind and stand […]

Meet Rose Quartz

“Let Love In” Rose quartz is all about love. This beautiful stone helps to open your heart and soften your mind.  If you are looking to invite more love, light, kindness, and compassion into your life. This is the stone for you.  This stone is here to ease your racing mind and  remind you that […]

Meet Amethyst

“Stress Free Me” Amethyst is well known for its calming and soothing properties. It promotes peace, serenity and emotional balance. If you are looking to create transformation in your life and break up with a habit that is no longer serving you, this stone may aid you in that.  It is also great for personal […]

Meet Black Tourmaline

“Keep your Vibes to Yourself” Black Tourmaline protects and purifies the energy around you and helps to ward off any energy vampires.  This stone has a superpower and repels negative energy and turns it into positive. This daily disinfectant for the soul is great to wear or carry if you often feel the weight of […]

Meet Lepidolite

“Chill the F Out” Lepidolite, this stone is used to help you calm down, find your center and relax. Whether its the middle of the day, or before bed at night this beautiful stone will help to calm your racing mind and allow you to Zen. This stone offers deep emotional healing and allows us […]

Meet Green Adventurine

“Mo money, no problem”  Green Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals and is known as the “Stone of Opportunity”. If you are ready to attract abundance, prosperity and wealth into your life, you have found your stone. This stone stabilizes ones state of mind, opens the channels of creativity and enhances […]

Meet Selenite Gypsum Desert Rose

“My vibes the Highest in the Room” Selenite Gypsum Desert Roses are an incredibly beautiful stone that helps to dispel old emotional beliefs that make us feel anxious, unworthy and unhappy. This stone has a vibration that is pure and exceptionally high for a crystal. This helps to lift your vibration, and ease feelings of […]

Meet Yellow Calcite

“Break up with self-doubt” Yellow calcite is an amazing stone that helps to clear old energy patterns and accumulated self- doubt. This little stone packs a lot of power and will help to boost your memory, motivation and drive. Clarity, self confidence and hope are also side effects of using this stone. Great to use […]