You’ve had a busy day. Your neck is aching, your shoulders are hunched and you’re just tense all over. You’re in luck, though! Today, your office gets to enjoy an on-site massage!

Let’s face it, long days at work sitting at a desk with little to no mobility over time can lead to bigger health issues down the line. Not only is your body holding onto tension but if you’re not bringing adequate blood flow to your body, all you’re left with are aches and pains.

If you’ve yet to consider bringing massage to your workplace, we’re here to let you know it might be the best thing you could do for your employees and yourself!

So how does it all work? Well, an office chair/table massage set up is a tad bit different from your usual relaxation massage, but not to worry! Your employees will be feeling so great in no time.

Studies have shown that American’s have stated that work is a significant source of stress and a service like on-site massage is a sure way to lower employee stress.

When workers have fewer physical complaints and lowered stress, the workday flows much easier with a regular, possibly weekly, on-site chair or table massage for even just 5-15 minutes!

There is something to be said about the powerful benefits of creating a regularly schedule massage program at your workplace. Not only do the employees benefit from a relaxed body, calmer mind and overall boost in mood here are some additional benefits that can occur:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduction in health care costs
  • Fewer repetitive strain injuries
  • Improved employee morale

Whether you want to treat your team to a moment of bliss or enjoy a relaxation service within the solace of your workplace, Heal. Pain and Stress Relief Center provides the highest quality service Central Florida has to offer.  Established in 2018, our experienced and highly-reviewed therapists will provide an exquisite experience delivered to your office, university, or event space!

Our commitment to you is to bring you the relaxation you’d obtain walking into Heal. in Altamonte Springs, but right to your work place instead! Allow us to be what motivates and inspires you to bring your best self to work each and every day.

If you’re a manager looking to bring some stress-relief to your work place don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 407-300-5364!

If you’re an employee wishing that on-site massage could exist at your work place… call us as well! We’ll make sure we can do everything in our power to bring on-site massage to your office.

We’re here for you every step of the way! Who says you can’t relax while you’re at work?!


The benefits of yin yoga are endless. We take into consideration not only the postures themselves, but also the breath that is needed to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system! Your parasympathetic nervous system is also known as “rest and digest”. This system activates the more tranquil functions of the body; those that help maintain a healthy, long-term balance. It also helps to produce a state of equilibrium in the body! Yin yoga paired with specific breath exercises are what will take you away from the fight or flight response that you’re probably used to being in day in and day out.

Here at Heal. we have a structured approach to our yin yoga classes. As you may or may not know, all classes are geared towards beginners and practitioners of all levels. Here in Altamonte Springs we have such great yoga studios in the area where you can go to try out all those funky yoga postures and transitions but here at Heal. we bring you the basics.

Allow Heal. to be the yoga studio that doesn’t really feel like a “studio” per say, but more like your yoga home! The one and only full service holistic health and wellness center to cater to all types of bodies, stress levels and goals. We’re here for you!

Now onto the benefits of Yin Yoga….

  1. Yin yoga increases flexibility and mobility. In yin, we hold our postures anywhere from 1 minute all the way up to 5 minutes depending on which body part we are targeting and what our goal is. This deep practice works right into the connective tissue through longer holds and we have all the props you may need in order for this practice to be exactly what you need. There is hardly any effort in yin yoga aside from holding the posture in a relaxed state using bolsters, pillows and blocks with the help of your breathing.
  2. You can practice yin yoga ANYWHERE. Don’t think that you always have to drive up to Altamonte Springs in order to enjoy some YOU time. We make sure that the sequences we provide you can easily be done at home if you’re ever getting out of the office late or have to stay at home with the kids. Yin yoga is perfect for the busy stay-at-home parent and even the athlete that needs more flexibility, mobility and overall better posture!
  3. Yin fosters self-love. It’s no doubt that when we considered bringing Yin Yoga to Heal. in Altamonte Springs we intentionally knew it was the best way to have people start practicing self-care simply because it really is such an intimate, slow and gentle type of yoga to practice. Yin yoga forces you to slow down, take time for yourself to just BE. When else do you get to do that?
  4. Two words, stress-relief. As we touched on earlier, yin yoga paired with specific breathing exercises helps to shy away from the “fight or flight” response that we are in a majority of our day into a more calmer, serene state of being or as we like to call it “Rest and Digest” mode. Not only will you feel relaxed after class, but you’ll begin to notice that with a consistent practice your sleep becomes deeper and longer, your joints don’t squeak and crack as much as normal, the breath that you learn during class can be applied to your daily life and so much more. This is such a great step into taking your health back into your own hands.
  5. It teaches you to persevere. One thing that yin yoga has taught me and many others is that because we are so still in these longer periods of time, it forces us to really sit with how we’re feeling and doing on that given day. It shows us that no matter what, if we can just BREATHE through the discomfort of not talking or moving, we can essentially breathe through whatever mini challenges or obstacles may arrive OFF of our mat in our daily life.
  6. Yin yoga brings a meditative-like quality to your life. Whether you want to think of meditation as just sitting criss cross applesauce with your eyes closed and your hands on your knees for long periods of time or not; your yin yoga practice in itself IS meditative! How? Well, the definition of meditation is to focus on something on purpose. All that you’re focused on during yin is your breathing (3 count inhales… 5 count exhales), the posture you’re in, the stretch that you feel, the soft cooling air on your skin, the fabric touching your body, the sound of the instructors voice and so on and so on! See? Even just bringing awareness into all of those little missed details is meditation. If the idea of meditation scares you, perhaps taking a yin yoga class at Heal. in Altamonte Springs might be exactly what you need to start a mindful lifestyle!
  7. You get to know yourself. It’s just you, yourself and your body in yin. The outside world tends to dissolve and melt away when you are in those deeply meditative postures for long duration of time. It’s during your yin practice that you can press pause on your outside thoughts.. ask we call it “the monkey mind”.
  8. You get to work through those deep seated emotions. Not only is yin yoga great for your physical body, but it’s such a powerful way to heal anything you’re holding onto that you no longer need!! When you as deep as you can during yin, especially in the hips where most of us hold our tension, stress, anxiety, fear, trauma and more, you really start to feel those emotions you had pushed down for so long resurface. And that’s totally okay! Better out than in as I say. Heal. is a safe space for you to move through and feel whatever it is that YOU need for healing.
  9. The Yin “Afterglow” Effect. Yes, it’s real! You’ve gotta come in for a yin yoga class at Heal. to see what we mean! Let us know if you have any questions or would be interested in taking class.

We’ve got memberships and packages readily available for you to experience all the wonderful benefits of yoga, dry salt therapy and even massage! Give us a call at 407-300-5364 for more information! We can’t wait to have you in!


As I was sitting here peeling an orange (literally), I knew in today’s blog post I wanted to talk about the power of stillness and softness but wasn’t sure how to start. It’s always those moments where you least expect it that bring such great insights. Just as you peel back the layers of an orange to get to the juicy and soft center, so do we as humans need to learn how to efficiently peel back the layers that we’ve built overtime so to find our center – where we come back to our soft, balanced, receptive, trusting, and authentic self.

You’re probably reading this asking yourself “is she really comparing me to an orange right now?!”, and yes, I am! You see, over the years we have accumulated these layers of fear, stress, anxiety, doubt, guilt, anger, resentment, hurt, impatience, confusion and so on, that we forget that at the root of EVERYTHING – we are simply love! It is in our innate nature to be love. Your name might be Jack or Jill, and you might hold on to the image of who everyone else thinks you are – but you are LOVE. When you are at your most still, quiet and authentic YOU – you are love embodied in human form. Cool, huh?

Let’s take a deeper look at how these layers came to be. A lot of the time, the layers we build upon ourselves come out of wanting to protect that part of ourselves that we see as vulnerable, at high risk for getting hurt, being judged, or not being accepted. Yet, that same part of yourself that you hide from the world IS the person who the world needs. When we allow, let’s say, anger, to be a layer that molds its self around our heart and body, we can’t fully allow any light or positive experience or energy to infiltrate into our heart.. or even into our life.

This can be applied to whichever “layer” rings true for you the most. For me, personally, the layer of doubt is slowly but surely the last layer to make it’s way out. So what have I done, that you can do too, to help peel back your layers? Well to start, get quiet. Yep, just sit or lay down with your eyes closed and BE. Breathe, feel your breath as it travels in and out of your nose, and then bring all of your awareness into your body. At first, this simple exercise of pressing pause can seem absolutely daunting to some people, but practice makes progress!

Let’s say for today you find 2 or 3 minutes of complete quiet and stillness. High five! This could be while you’re taking a shower, in your car before heading into work, or right before you close your eyes at night. In these precious and soft moments that you have, ask yourself these questions, ready?

  1. What layer of mine is preventing me from feeling fulfilled in life? (Boom, you recognize the layer that is blocking you from your blessings!)
  2. How long has this layer been present in my life? (Aha! Go as far far far far back as you can remember. What event or situation caused this layer to start forming? Did you grow up with strict workaholic parents that expected the same out of you? Or maybe you showcased your art at the middle school art show and got ridiculed by classmates? Or maybe you feel as though you were the reason for someone to be upset at you? Whatever it is, go to that place…)
  3. Am I able to forgive myself or (insert external person, place, situation, or circumstance here) for the development of this layer? Take nothing personally with this question. Just forgive. (Forgiveness yields compassion which yields love.)
  4. What action steps can I take TODAY to finally remove this layer, knowing that it is a work in progress and that I need to be patient? (Let’s say your layer is FEAR, what can you do today to step into and through your FEAR, to once and for all step into your authentic power and divinity? Don’t jump off a cliff.. unless that’s fun for you! I mean, do you have something to say to someone? If it scares you to say it, all the more reason to do it.)
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with each of your layers.

And that’s it! You’ll eventually find yourself slowly aligning to your true self. The motivated, ambitious, organized, tenacious, passionate, loved, cheerful, powerful and friggin amazing YOU that you’ve always been. Once we can align ourselves from the inside, the outside (our career, relationships, hobbies, etc..) can also be in alignment.

Until next time, happy healing!

Make time for yourself this holiday season, even if it’s just moving your body by walking outdoors or doing yoga for twenty minutes and then finishing with a five to ten minute meditation. This time spent with yourself is so important and necessary for your overall well-being. You know how bears hibernate all winter? Incorporate that sense of going within and “hibernating” when you’re meditating so that when you are ready to step out into the rest of your day – you’re left with clarity, calm, and energy!

This week we will share with you a simple breathing meditation with a mantra attached to it so that you can restore peace of mind during this holiday season. Ready to relax?

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position
  2. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart
  3. Observe your breath normally for a few minutes
  4. Bring all of your attention to the rise and fall of your belly with each inhale and exhale
  5. Gradually begin to increase the sound and depth of your breath
  6. Inhale half way into the belly, keep inhaling half way all the way into the heart and chest as you feel your sides expand (diaphragm breathing)
  7. Hold the breath at the very top!
  8. Exhale slowly, smoothly and evenly
  9. Hold the breath out for a moment and pause
  10. On your next breath, add your mantra – repeating silently to yourself
  11. With your inhales “I breathe in peace” and with your exhales “I breathe out peace”
  12. Keep going for five to ten minutes

Just be the observer of your thoughts and emotions as they rise. It’s normal to want to attach yourself to the feelings that come up but just picture your thoughts and emotions as clouds in the sky as they float in and float out. By observing everything with a sense of detachment it will give you a big-picture view of situations in your life. Continue to practice this quick meditation when you feel any type of anxiety or fear trying to take the driver’s seat. This sacred time of being with yourself can really help to open your perception up to what you’re capable of and allow you to be at peace with everything that is going on amidst any external chaos. Life is always happening for you, not to you! So take a deep breath!