“Embrace the Flow”

Fluorite helps to inspire and empower you as you flow through the journey of life.

Connect with your divine inner wisdom and find increased clarity, concentration, and focus in your thoughts. 

If you are looking to clear the fog of illusion and mental blocks that you are experiencing, this stone is here to support you.

Chakra- Upper (depending on shade of stone)

“I Believe in Me”

Honey (or Golden) Calcite helps you connect with yourself and your self power. It is great for emotional support when recovering from abusive situations or relationships.

This stone increases courage, confidence and feelings of self worth and allows you to connect with your inner badass as you overcome obstacles.

You got this, and this stone is here to help you remember that.

Life is crazy. It seems like everyday we are always pushing ourselves to do more and more, and what that comes an increase in stress and anxiety. In fact, anxiety levels in children are rising rapidly. Sometimes all we need is a few minutes to ourselves to regroup and relax. However, many may find it hard to naturally reduce anxiety. Forget the harsh chemical and negative side effects of medication; you need to try crystal healing. 

Crystal healing is perfect for all ages and types of people. Young children to pregnant women to elders can reap the benefits of this all-natural beautiful healing. Though the healing process is different for everyone, crystals can bring calmness and inner peace to all. You can practice using crystals in your everyday life on your own, or you can enlist the help of a crystal healer who will equip you with all the healing you need. 

Healing stones can be used regularly to for everyday anxiety or can be used for a specific circumstance. Crystals act as little bridges for healing, allowing positive, healing energy to flow into our bodies as negative energies are drawn out. Each crystal has a different healing property. This method of healing crystal dates back 6,000 years “to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians are referenced as being among the first people to have adorned themselves with crystals…to ward off illness and negative energy.”

Here are a few of our top pick crystals for anxiety:

Blue Lace Agate

This beautiful blue crystal is a top pick for most, with its calming vibrational energy helping to reduce anxiety quickly. It encourages relaxation and calms the nerves. It is often used on a throat chakra, so you may see some people wearing this crystal as a necklace. 

Black Tourmaline 

This shiny black crystal will always protect you from negative energies and wipes away fears and anxiety that are overwhelming. If you struggle to cope with overwhelming thoughts and fears, this protective crystal will help you regain control through its lighter vibrational energy. Place this stone in your hand whenever you need a little extra guidance.  

Rose Quartz

A popular crystal for many reasons, rose quartz has gentle and loving vibrations that help ease upsets from strong emotions. If you struggle with confidence and daily anxiety, this crystal helps bring comfort and increases your feelings of self-love and worth. 

Written and sourced by Amber Mercer, February 2020

Essential oils have become more and more popular over the years for their amazing benefits to
the body; but what are essential oils? An essential oil is a natural oil obtained by distillation and
having the fragrance of the source it was derived from. In other words, they are oils extracted
from plants with unique aromatic mixes that give the oil its essence. Each essence has a different
positive effect on the body, making each singular oil beneficial in its own way.

Now that we know what exactly an essential oil is, how do they work? Essential oils are typically
used in aromatherapy, the inhaling of essential oils, or topically. When applied topically, the
body absorbs the plant oils. Inhaling and absorbing the oils can reduce inflammation, boost
immunity, aid in digestion, and stimulate “areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your
brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviors…and long-term memory.” 1 There are many
essential oils, but here are a few you should know.

This essential oil is commonly used as an antiseptic, aiding in healing wounds and infections.
Because of its antispasmodic properties (relieving muscle spasms), cypress oil is often used to
treat cramps and muscle pulls. It is also a diuretic, making quick use of flushing out any toxins
the body is holding.

This woodsy oil attacks many types of pain and works to reduce pain, inflammation, headaches,
fevers, and colds. Similar to cypress oil, it can work as an antiseptic, but it amazingly is also
antiviral. Marjoram is also antibacterial and aggressively kills bacteria, so keep a bottle in the
medicine cabinet!

Not only does Frankincense produce a strong and spicy smell, but it works as an anti-
inflammatory, which can decrease muscle and joint swelling. Frankincense contains boswellic
acids, obtained from the Boswellia tree, which “may be as effective as non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — with fewer negative side effects.” 2 Traditional medicine has
also used Frankincense for centuries with help treating asthma.

This light scent packs a punch with properties of analgesics, or pain relievers. Lemongrass works
as anti-inflammatory, but also inhibits “bad” bacteria growth in and on the body. This oil can
boost your mood, giving you confidence, hope, and mental strength. It also has properties of an
astringent, which drastically stops blood flow by constricting blood vessels. Keep lemongrass
around for any scrapes!

This essential oil is a favorite of those with conditions causing nausea. Peppermint oil acts fast to
relieve nausea and vomiting. It also helps reduce IBS symptoms, calming down bloating, gas,
cramping, and stomach pain. It can also aid in cognitive performance. Has anyone ever told you
they focus better when chewing gum? Thanks to peppermint, it increases arousal and attention,
helping you focus on your task.

1 Rajmohan, J., Mohandas, E. “The Limbic System.” Retrieved from:
2 Basch, E. and co. “Boswellia: an evidence based systematic review.” Retrieved from:

Written and sourced by Amber Mercer, 2020

Stress exists. If you are a living, breathing human on this planet, you will experience stress. There is no way around it. Yet, stress can show up in different ways. It can show up in healthy ways (new job, first date, travel) or not-so-healthy ways (traffic, deadlines, losses). Regardless, stress is not the easiest to navigate, largely due to the body’s natural reactions designed to keep us safe no matter the nature of the stimulus. Have you ever noticed how after you encounter a stressful circumstance, i.e. barely dodging a car accident or nearly dropping something made of value and breakable, that your bodies innate response is to take a deep breath once the potential threat has passed? Or as soon as you do something “big and significant” like giving a presentation or having a hard conversation, that once it’s over, you literally breathe a sigh of relief? Same goes for when you meet someone who is uplifting and enjoyable to be around; you might describe that person and their energy as a “breath of fresh air!” Breath not only gives life through delivering essential oxygen to the body’s cells for fuel and removing carbon dioxide, it also helps to restore the body and mind to a state of balance when stressful experiences “take our breath away!”

Fear, danger and excitement are are all digested in the same way on a physiological level. The sympathetic nervous system comse to our aid with responses that prepare us for action. Stress responses are gifts, even if they don’t necessarily feel that way while in the midst of experiencing them. Adrenaline tells the heart to speed up so that enough blood and oxygen can be pumped to the tissues, especially muscle tissue that is required to effectively move you to action. Heart rate and breathing also kick up a few notches to help supply oxygen to the brain so you have better capacity for navigating the immediate threat, whether it’s real or perceived. All these are good, right?

Well, to an extent. If the stimuli are constant and never balanced with restoration and rejuvenation, it will be a detriment to overall health down the line. Think about it, it takes a lot of energy to maintain persistent action! As we live in a world that is constantly moving and going and racing at such a fast pace, your brain and body are aware and working so hard to keep you safe and alive through all the twists, turns and detours that present themselves.

So how does this translate into your health and wellbeing? Headaches, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, neck and shoulder tension and poor digestion are all signals that your health is being affected negatively by stress.

The great news is, you have two powerful tools readily available to you during times of stress.

Breath & Massage.

When you’re stressed, your breath becomes shallow, meaning that instead of inhaling deeply (feeling your ribs and belly expand), your inhales are limited to the upper chest and neck area; the purpose being for efficiency. Your brain is always seeking out ways to accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible that breathing during stress is no exception. Overtime, your fast paced and shallow breathing can lead to overused and overstressed neck and upper chest muscles… as well as headaches, neck and shoulder tension.

Receiving massage and other bodywork such as acupuncture, Reiki, cupping and more – are of course beneficial in simply receiving, but the mots profound healing occurs when the client can consciously breathe during the session.

Breathwork during these sessions can help to cultivate deep breathing, helping to soften those previously mentioned overworked neck and shoulder muscles (as well as the rest of the body), and help to also trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (where your body can rest and digest). Think of the muscles being able to better respond to touch as if butter under a heat lamp – literally melting! This aids in better sleep, better digestion, less tension and more peace of mind after a massage using deep breath as a healing tool.

Try This Exercise! 

The positive benefits you receive from a massage can be prolonged with very simple, daily breathing practice between sessions.  

1. Get comfortable, either sitting in a chair with your feet in solid connection with the floor, or lie down on your back with your arms at your sides, palms facing up. Feel free to use a small rolled towel under the curve of your neck, as well as a pillow under your knees to create the most comfort possible. Close your eyes. 

2. Start by not changing anything about your breathing. The first step to changing anything is to notice it as it currently is. What do you notice? When you inhale, where does the breath stop before turning around to be exhaled? In the chest? The rib cage? The abdomen? This could also be a good time to notice any slight shaking, sweating, elevated heart rate, clenching in the jaw, etc. Be in tune with your nervous system responses as they are in the present moment.

3. Place both of your hands over the upper chest and clavicles. Feel the rise and fall of this area as you inhale and exhale. Do this for 3–5 rounds of breath. 

4. Next, place your hands on each side of your rib cage, palms resting on the ribs and fingertips pointing toward each other (toward the midline of your body). Notice the expansion and contraction of your rib cage, front to back and side to side. How much movement is there? Breathe normally, simply observing without judgment, for another 3–5 breaths. 

5. Place your hands over your abdomen. Notice it ebb and flow as well. Or, notice if it isn’t moving much at all. This is common, so again, no judgement. Repeat for 3–5 rounds of breath. 

6. Now, begin to choose your breath. Each time you inhale, envision drawing the breath deep into your belly, so your belly expands up into your hands. As you exhale, gently use your abdominal muscles to lightly squeeze the air back up and out of your nose. Practice this for 3–5 rounds of breath. 

7. Return your palms again to each side of your rib cage. As you inhale, expand the breath into your entire rib cage area. The ribs can expand front to back and side to side. Fill the vast space of your rib cage with life-giving air. Exhale, and use your rib cage (along with your abdominals) to gently press the air back out of your nose. Repeat for 3–5 breaths. 

8. Finally, return your hands to the upper chest and clavicle area. As you continue directing your breath down into the fullness of your rib cage and belly, notice if anything has changed in the upper chest and neck. Does this area move less? More freely? With less tension? Observe for a final 3–5 rounds. 

9. To bring the practice to completion, simply return your arms to your sides, palms face up, and notice your overall being. Likely you might feel as though you have released thoughts about your day, what you have to do this week, what you didn’t get done yesterday, etc. You might experience feelings of calm, relaxation or even sleepy. Or on the opposite side of the spectrum, you may feel energized and rejuvenated, ready to get up and continue on with the day!

Either way, through these simple breathing techniques, you can literally shift your state of being by using your breath to slow the heart rate, release muscle tension and calm hyperactivity.

Such a simple but powerful practice of breath.

By combining the breath with being present during your sessions, you will induce a state of health and well-being, needed to help restore your vital physiological functions.

Ready to relax?

At your next booking for massage, acupuncture, cupping or Reiki at Heal. in Altamonte Springs, let us know that you would like to incorporate breath work into your session.

All it takes to bring your body back into balance and wellbeing is the breath. Not only will you help to reduce the symptoms of chronic stress, it’s a beautiful and free “add-on” to include in your next massage or other body work session at Heal.

When you choose to consciously breathe positive, fresh air into the body, you then become a breath of positive, fresh air to everyone around you. That’s the beauty of the breath.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding breath work.

Note that all of the yoga classes offered at Heal. also incorporate some form of breath work (pranayama) into each class to help increase the overall relaxation response and so that you too can use the breath in daily life to ease your mind, calm your body and open your heart.

We’re here for you!


Healing at your Fingertips?
Pure Bio-Energy Healing

What is it?
Pure bioenergy healing has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. It is considered a
form of alternative healing. Bioenergy healing begins with using your own body and universal
energy for healing. It does not require anything special; in fact, anyone, with the right training,
can learn how to heal using energy, and anyone is able to accept healing from others. Since we
are all made of pure energy, our bodies can tune in to this healing energy. Even animals can
accept this healing energy!

How Does it Work?
Bioenergy healing is based on re-balancing the body’s natural energy field. A bioenergy therapist
acts as a channel and conductor for universal energy. Techniques are applied to balance, align,
and clear blockages on a person’s energy field. “Pure bioenergy restores and balances
bioenergetic information to activate the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.” The body
harnesses this energy and begins to heal physical, emotional, or mental blockages that may be
causing pain, illness, or disease.

We are all Energy.
In a world full of waves and matter, everything breaks down to energy. Ever felt like someone
has a “vibe?” Well, everything is made of vibrating energy fields . The world, including
ourselves, are influenced by the energy fields of others, which includes their thoughts, feelings,
and “vibes” a.k.a. energy vibrations. Since we are influenced by the world’s energy vibrations,
our bodies are able to accept and connect with bioenergy healing. Strong energy can influence
weak energy within ourselves.

So, does it Really Work?
Of course, it does! This healing method has been around for thousands of years, and for a good
reason, too. It is 100% safe and natural. There are many testimonials from bioenergy consumers,
including bioenergy healing helping conditions like allergies, arthritis, lower back pain, and

How Can You Experience Pure BioEnergy?
Schedule a session at Heal. with Maria, a Pure BioEnergy Practitioner, in Altamonte Springs and Winter Park, Florida. She will further explain to you the intricate details of your session on a case by case basis. Click here to schedule, if you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at info@heal407.com. We hope to see you!

1 Pure Bioenergy. 2019. https://www.healingbioenergy.com/what-is-purebioenergy/

2 Heal.ie. 2019. https://www.heal.ie/how-does-bioenergy-healing-work.html

3 Bioenergy Healing and Beyond. 2019. http://www.bioenergyhealingandbeyond.com/bioenergy_healing

Written and sourced by Amber Mercer, 2020

Migraines can be debilitating. Every migraine sufferer usually takes some form of medication to help control the pain. Those medications can range from over the counter to abortive.

A natural way to manage the stress and pain from migraines that not so many people seek out is massage. As a holistic therapy, massage helps to relieve muscle spasms, improve blood flow, relieves tension and promotes relaxation. Studies have shown that massage brings relief for both tension and vascular headaches. At Heal. in Altamonte Springs, we’re able to treat migraines through massage technique, essential oils, sound therapy and more.

Muscle Spasms or Tension:  Massage in the neck and shoulder regions can help to relax taught bands of tissue, loosening  the sub-occipitals (those muscles attached to the base of the skull),  which cause pain through tension that travels up through the back of the head and into the eye areas.

Hormone Regulation:  Hormonal chemical changes often trigger migraines. Cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone, can be controlled by massage therapy, which also increases endorphin production as well as stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Decrease Trigger Point Pain: Neuromuscular therapy, also known as trigger point therapy, targets hyper-irritable, tender, tissue areas that can refer pain to other parts of the body.

Improved Circulation: Massage has been shown to increase blood flow, which in turn improves oxygen levels and can help reduce pain over time.

We want to elaborate on the specific release techniques can include the sub-occipital release.  When this is performed, clients often feel the need to hold their heads up, believing they need to help the therapist when in actuality their relaxing into the therapist’s fingers will actually help the release.  By relaxing the head and neck, the therapist is able to feel the tension in the soft tissue break down and the clients head will slowly lower towards the table.  Sometimes this technique is done more than one time to allow other tension areas to relax.  Once the head lowers to the table easily, then the therapist knows the tissue is relaxed and can move on to other areas. 

This is just one of the many ways in which you’re able to experience migraine relief at Heal. Don’t let the pain of a headache or strain in your eyes prevent you from living or reducing your quality of life.

Massage can be effective in some people and can relieve migraines. However, it’s important to consult your doctor before undergoing massage therapy to relieve migraines in order to keep yourself protected against any unseen side effects.

Let us know if you have any questions or comment down below how massage therapy has helped your migraines!

The common denominator throughout all of Heal. is stress relief. No matter what you are here for, chances are that you are looking to relax, manage pain or reduce tension and stress levels. Whether you’re popping in for a salt booth session for respiratory relief, Light & Sound Therapy for your brain massage, massage to help reduce pain or yoga to help open up all tense or tight areas of the body – you’ll notice a huge difference in your physical, mental and emotional state of being. 

If you live in Central Florida, you know that driving to and from point A to point B can at times be so stressful, causing your body to lock up and brace whenever traffic hits your commute or when someone cuts you off. Little known fact is that stress stays in the body long after you’ve experienced what brought you stress, meaning that you’re literally carrying way more, unnecessary stress than you should be!

When was the last time you took even just an HOUR for yourself? My intention behind creating Heal. and “baby” Heal. in Winter Park is for self-care to be accessible, time wise and financially.

The benefits of combining self-care at Heal. are endless, but the most important benefit is you’ll be shifted into “parasympathetic” nervous system with no trouble after your bundle of sessions.

What exactly IS the “parasympathetic” state? It’s also known as the REST and DIGEST mode, which is the environment your body (physical, energetic & mental) can heal in. It’s always about creating the environment for your body to heal that is such a key component in your journey.

All of the services at Heal. (aside from hour yoga class or hour long massage) are 15 minutes or less, meaning that on top of the benefits and healing you receive from each individual service, grouped together you’ll be left floating on your way home.

Make most of your time at Heal., whether in Altamonte Springs or Winter Park, through our Self-Care Service Sampler Pack found here. By clicking here you’ll learn about each individual service and then you will be able to choose from 3 that your are called to the most!

All services must be done in the same day for you to truly feel the shifts we mentioned briefly above.

  • Manage your stress levels better
  • Reduce overall tension and pain in the body
  • Increase your sense of wellbeing
  • Experience more joy in life
  • Feel gratitude for all that you have in life
  • Learn about natural ways to take care of yourself
  • Create the habit of putting YOU first
  • Feel your best when fully relaxed and present

Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our phone line (407-300-5364) and email (info@heal407.com) are ALWAYS open for you.

“Self-care is the act of loving kindness to yourself.”

It can be easy to get carried away with the inevitable and at times unavoidable stress that comes with the Holiday’s. I’m sure that you can think of just about a million things left to do on your Holiday to do list, but have you put YOU on that list?

Does stress somehow manage to sneak it’s way in to your holiday excitement? If so, you’re not alone! Even in times where you’re having fun, adding extra activities and commitments to an already full plate can really be stressful. Just remember, in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle it’s important to take care of yourself!

It’s never fun to try to shop with family, bake cookies with your little ones or sing holiday carols when you’re feeling run down, sick or tired. The joyful Holiday spirit comes a little bit easier when you have your emotional and energetic tank full. It feels good to give from a full cup!

The best part of self-care through the Holiday Season? It’s accessible, easy and inexpensive. Gradually doing simple things throughout your days can significantly boost your overall wellbeing. At Heal. in Altamonte Springs and Winter Park, we are here for you every step of the merry way of this Holiday Season. Here are some self-care tips to help boost personal well-being this season.

1) Breathe. Allow yourself to take deep, cleansing breaths as many times as you need throughout the day, they help you to relax the body, mind and spirit!

2) Know your priorities. Remember what’s most important to you to help overcome feelings of overwhelm. Give yourself permission to finish the most important things first to create a sense of peace – then any extra time can go towards satisfying the rest of your Holiday demands.

3) Give from a full cup. Like we mentioned earlier, you can’t give your best when you’re feeling your worst. Make a point to do something nourishing for yourself. It can be as simple as a warm cup of tea every night before bed or a relaxation massage at Heal.

4) Take a “YOU” day. We made this one easy for you all. *wink* Join us for a Relaxation STAY-Cation here in Altamonte Springs on Saturday December 7th. This “YOU” day is exactly what you deserve. Click here to learn more.

5) Practice Presence. No matter what you’re working on throughout the day, especially if the kids are home or you’re stuck in traffic on the way back from holiday shopping – allow yourself to pause, notice and bring awareness to all of the experiences happening within you and outside of you. The color on the trees, the smell in the air, the temperature of the sun, etc.

6) Listen to Your Body. So many people ignore or override their body’s signals. Really listen to the cues your body gives you during the added stress of the Holiday season. You know YOU best. Hungry? Eat! Sleepy? Sleep! Cranky? Do yoga! See? Simple!

7) LAUGH! Laughter is such healing medicine. Now a days during the holiday season, there are plenty of funny Holiday/or not holiday themed movies to choose from! Call up your funniest friend and just allow yourself to be silly and let loose, even for a little while! Sing, dance, rejoice!

8) Allow yourself to receive healing. Self-care means paying attention to more than how much you eat or exercise. It also requires paying attention to thoughts and feelings. Optimal health means functioning at your best in all areas of life – physically, mentally, emotionally!

9) Give with Gratitude. Just saying “thank you” to yourself or to the world around you can instantly shift you from a state of STRESS into a state of PEACE. The best way to counteract any lower feelings is to give. Give with Gratitude and kindness. Here are some ways for you to GIVE the gift of relaxation this year.

If your holiday season becomes overwhelming, stressful, fast paced or just hectic in general – know that you, too, have a choice in setting clear boundaries, spending time with yourself through acts of self-care and honoring YOU. Practice self-compassion, gratitude and an open heart and all will be well.

Wishing you a happy Holiday season from all of us here at Heal.

You’re tired.

It’s a Sunday night and feeling vaguely cranky to find yourself working on what’s supposed to be a day of rest. But it needs to get done, so you push through.

You can’t seem to figure out why ideas that once flowed so effortlessly to you suddenly have dried up.

We know taking breaks is a scientifically proven method for regaining our focus, sharpness and motivation. But taking a walk or a reading break in the middle of a workday? Are we able to allow ourselves to do so without judgment and with compassion?

Aside from taking daily breaks, when was the last time that you allowed yourself a day of… NOTHING?

Doing nothing from time to time, or choosing a day out of the week to rest, play, create or just sit on the couch is absolutely necessary to your mental health.

There’s no way that we can continuously push and strive and grow and DO without experiencing some type of burnout – whether physical or emotional.

Taking mental health breaks/days are necessary to help improve and maintain your mental state!

It’s a loving act to yourself when you allow time to recharge your physical and emotional batteries to avoid having a decrease in your state of being while keeping you performing at your best and most productive self.

While taking full days off may not always be feasible, a way to improve and maintain your mental health is to simply disconnect from the world and spend time with yourself.

1 hour a day.

That’s a great place to start.

Yoga, meditation, massage, journaling, salt therapy, light and sound therapy, binge-watching your favorite TV series, cooking with your family, etc.. are all wonderful and fulfilling ways to disconnect from time to time.

You allow the focus to move from thinking about all the stressors in life to now feeling how you feel in this present moment – whether you are alone or with friends or loved ones.

It’s time you nourish yourself. Bring yourself back to becoming WHOLE.

No more feeling overworked, overwhelmed or overstressed. Time to take the power back into your own hands.

After all, you cannot be your best self and beacon of light when you aren’t putting yourself first!

That’s why Heal. is here for you.

To help you become familiar with the goodness that follows when you allow yourself a break.

Join us at Heal. in Altamonte Springs for an opportunity to rest, recharge, refuel.

Chances are, there is something here for everyone (yes, including you).

Come check us out off of 436 and Ronald Reagan to discover a new world of YOU.

A YOU that can better handle stress.

A YOU that has more patience.

A YOU that responds instead of reacting.

A YOU that is WHOLE.

We are here for you!