Float Therapy FAQ’s

What the heck is a float tank?

The float tank is a large fiberglass kidney bean shaped capsule. The door is easy to open and close, from both inside and outside of the tank. There is a 25% Epsom salt solution that is kept at a constant temperature of 93.4 degrees. With over 900 pounds of Epsom salt in the float pod anyone can and will float effortlessly.

In the tank, you have the option to listen to music (classical recommended) and to turn the lights in the tank on and off.

What if I cant float or swim?

Because of the high levels of Epsom salt in the tank anyone can float effortlessly. Because the water is only 10 inches deep, there is no need to know how to swim.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Don’t worry- You can still use the float tank.  Our pod is one of the most spacious available on the market.  You may also keep the lid open while you float to acclimate to the tank and close it whenever you are ready. You have the option to leave the light in the tank on during your float therapy session if you would like.

Will I be cold?

The water in the tank is heated to 93.4 degrees from the floor of the tank so it maintains a constant temperature similar to that of your own body. The air in the tank is also maintained at skin temperature so as you float your mind cannot sense a difference between your body, the air, or the water surrounding it.

Most people are not cold during their floats, however if you are a person who is cold easily please let us know and we will adjust temperature in the room prior to your float.

Is the water changed after every use?

No, however, the water is thoroughly cleaned and filtered for at least 30 minutes between each client. The state of Florida requires that tanks here have 2 filters per tank, so the water passes through the filters at least 6 times between sessions which is more than your average pool!

There are over 900 pounds of high-quality Epsom salts in the float pod which take a significant amount of time to dissolve in the tank. Changing it after each use would not be time or fiscally possible.

We test the water quality daily to and adjust as necessary to comply with the regulations from the Department of Health to ensure the safety and health of each guest that utilizes float therapy. We send water samples off regularly to ensure that there are no living organisms within the water.

Is there anyone who should not float?

If you suffer from any of the following we advise for your safety and that of others that you do not float.

Large Open Wounds- Epilepsy-Diarrhea-Extreme Low Blood Pressure- Contagious Diseases-Infectious Skin Conditions

Anyone with the following conditions should consult your health practitioner.

Heart Condition- Psychosis-Pregnancy-Allergy to Salt or Bromine-Asthma-Severe Skin Conditions

If you have had any recent infectious diseases, please consult with your health practitioner before floating.

If you have any questions, please call us.

Can I float while on my period?

We ask for sanitation reasons that you please reschedule your float therapy session while you are menstruating.

What if I want out of the tank?

You are in full control.  You may leave the tank at anytime.  There is also an intercom inside of the tank in case you want to page the front desk. If you feel anxious and want to leave the tank, maybe you try turning the light on or opening the lid.  Whatever you choose, we support you.

How often do I need to float?

Float therapy is a unique experience, we recommend doing your first 4 floats as close together as possible so your body and mind can acclimate.  Once you get comfortable with the tank, your sessions will continue to get better and better.

For long-term benefits, it is suggested that you float on a regular basis to help maintain reduced stress levels and muscle tension.  Some people float weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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