Heal. Memberships!


Unlimited Monthly Yoga and 1 Monthly Massage Unlimited monthly yoga – a chance to try out one of our beginner friendly classes to help you stay stress-free, strong and calm during your days. Not only that, but you get to also enjoy a therapeutic massage once a month as well! You can’t go wrong with this powerful duo – massage & yoga create the perfect little getaway. *All memberships are Autopay*


Unlimited Monthly Salt Booth Sessions- Whether you are looking to support respiratory function, soothe skin conditions, or lower stress levels, this unlimited salt booth membership is perfect for you. *All memberships are Autopay*


Unlimited Monthly Salt Sessions & Yoga Classes- The benefits of yoga are endless. So are the benefits of dry salt therapy. Yoga aids in relaxation and stress levels, where as dry salt therapy aids in respiratory conditions and healthy skin. All of our yoga is suitable for everyone under the sun, and with unlimited salt booth sessions, you’ll be on your way to a happier and healthier YOU!


Unlimited Monthly Yoga & Private Lesson- We know that yoga can seem intimidating from the outside looking in, but all classes at Heal. are geared towards beginners. You now have the ability to incorporate one private yoga lesson alongside all of our regularly scheduled classes! What better way to start your new year, and new resolution of incorporating the healing practice of yoga into your life. As a bonus,we also include 2 salt booth sessions with this membership! **All memberships are Autopay


Unlimited monthly yoga on all of our regularly scheduled classes. Includes 2 salt booth sessions each month!


Monthly Membership includes: 60 Minute Massage, 60 Minute Float and 2 Dry Salt Booth Sessions **While we are waiting on final permit for float tank, member will receive 2 massages-both massages will not be with Maria. Once float tank is up and running it will ONLY be float and massage with no exceptions.**

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