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Central Florida's Best Stress Relief

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Stress, we all feel it.

When stress accumulate it triggers our bodies “flight or fight response”.

Left unchecked over time, leads to chronic stress, creating upheaval in the mind and body.

Here at Heal. in Altamonte Springs, we are committed to helping...

  • Manage your stress levels

  • Reduce overall tension and pain in the body

  • Increase your sense of well-being

  • Experience more joy in life

  • Feel gratitude for all areas of your life

  • Learn about natural ways to take care of yourself

  • Create the habit of putting YOU first

  • Feel your best when fully relaxed and present

5 Ways to Lower Stress Levels

1. Massage

Massage doesn’t just relieve tension in our bodies, it releases stress and tension from our minds as well. When the body is relaxed, the mind can be still, bringing you clarity and calm. Less anxious thoughts, reduced fight-or-flight response, and less mental tension.

Have you noticed during a massage your mind drifts away into a gentle meditative state? The sense of ease and relaxation you experience during massage can help continue the feeling of peace and serenity long after you are "off the table” pouring into your day to day life.

If you are looking for your Massage Therapist in Altamonte Springs, we are Heal. for you.

Our massage therapists bring a wealth of experience to the Orlando and Central Florida area.

2. Energy Work

If you are ready to try energy work in Altamonte Springs, we are Heal. for you.

Chakras, the seven energy transmission centers of the body, govern different areas in our bodies. When these centers are blocked or stagnant, they can produce stress and/or ailments in our physical and mental body.

Energy healing activates our energy systems to remove blocks, stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself. When you are stressed, anxious, or physically drained, an Energy Healing session can help you feel relaxed and more balanced.

When you are looking for a Reiki healer in Orlando, consider Heal. for your sessions. Our practitioners are knowledgeable and experienced and can help you to create balance and harmony in all areas of your life.

Whether choosing Reiki, PureBio, Crystal Healing, or Sound Healing session in Orlando, you can expect to walk out feeling lighter, brighter, and a whole lot calmer!

3. Light & Sound Therapy

Light and Sound Therapy is like a massage for the brain...and our brains need a massage just as much (if not more) than our bodies do! We hold so much tension in our minds and Light and Sound Therapy helps to let it go.

Light and Sound Therapy uses chromotherapy, rapid eye movement, and binaural beats to drop you into a meditative state and slow down the chatter of the mind, creating a hypnotic and deeply relaxing experience.

It's the perfect introduction to meditation in Altamonte Springs.

The many benefits of this therapy include, resting the mind, easing Tinnitus, helping sleep disorders, PTSD, and supporting of ADHD treatment and learning.

Whether or not you are someone who can usually meditate, this treatment will help you to get there.

Sound and Light Therapy is a quick 20 minute way to de-stress. Stop in at Heal. in Altamonte Springs, and try it for yourself.

4. Meditation

Meditation drops you into a deep state of relaxation, giving room for a tranquil mind. During meditation, your focus will be on the breath or your guide, while eliminating the jumbled thoughts crowding your mind and causing stress.

This sacred time of being can open your perception of what you’re capable of, and allow you to be at peace with everything going on within and around you.

Come escape the hustle and bustle of Orlando and meditate with us in Altamonte Springs!

As you arrive and stay in the present moment, the worrying about the yesterday’s and tomorrow’s, the to-do lists, begin to fade away.

5. Healing Mat

Our Healing Mat at Heal. Altamonte Springs, combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), Photon Therapy, Far-infrared Heat, Negative Ions, and Crystals. This combination helps to relax the muscles, provide cellular rejuvenation, increase flexibility, help manage joint pain, increase energy levels, and improve overall well-being.

Looking for the perfect way to relax and let go physically and mentally in just 20 minutes? PEMF Therapy is found right here in Central Florida.

The benefits of combining self-care at Heal. in Altamonte Springs are endless, but the most important benefit is, you’ll be shifted into a “parasympathetic” state after each session with us!

Trust us...we know how to relax, and be stress-free.

We're Heal. for you!

Massage, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Relfexology, and Total Relaxation

We are Altamonte Springs best kept secret for providing you with total relaxation.

Servicing all of Central Florida and the surrounding areas. Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, Casselberry, Oviedo, Apopka, Lake Mary, Heathrow, and Sanford.


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