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Energy is Everything

Updated: May 14

"Once you truly understand that you are just beautiful energy wrapped in human form, your fear and "otherness" will disappear and you will experience deep belonging and fellowship." - Radha Agrawal

If you feel as though your energy has been muted or your fire is dimmed, know that you don't have to feel this way forever.

You see, our energy defines us, and the people we surround ourselves with help shape our energy! Yes, everyone and anyone who you spend a lot of time with shapes your energy. Think about it, when you're around that one friend that constantly is complaining about her job, relationship, or other melodrama, don't you sometimes go home completely depleted and lacking energy?

Now on the other side of this, think about a friend that completely lights you up! They ooze positivity amidst the chaos of life, always emitting radiance and happiness because they've found that within themselves. Your conversations with each other bring you life - literally! The cloud that was once over your head following you around is now replaced by the sun as it beams down on you.

This is the feeling and type of energy you should actively surround yourself with.

It's either energizing or completely depleting - you choose!

Our bodies are incredible. How we choose to take care of them is so important. Your "diet" is not just the foods you eat but also how much you sleep, how often you move your body, and also who you allow into your energetic bubble.

You can think of energy through these different words - maybe they resonate with you better, maybe they don't!

Vibration. Spark. Spirit. Attitude. Presence.

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All of this is to say that ENERGY is the most potent human attribute available to us and we need to pay closer attention to it.

"Energy is a great equalizer in life. It doesn't matter what you do for a living or how much money you have - the energy YOU put out is the energy YOU get back! Negative energy breeds negative community. Positive energy breeds positive community. It is that simple."

Energy is the invisible backbone of our lives. It controls the way in which we perceive the world and how others perceive us! It quietly shapes our daily existence and it also controls our physical health! When we are stressed, hurt, angry or sad, we often become physically rigid.

Our breath isn't as slow and fluid and our bodies don't heal as rapidly as normal because we are in this suffocating fight or flight response.

In order for our bodies to heal - physical, mental, and even emotional bodies - we must do our best to stay energy positive in order to maintain relaxed muscles, easy breath, and calmer, happier lives.

Take a moment right here to gently tune in to your "Energetic Meter".

Are you feeling as though your energy gas tank is on E? When was the last time you filled up your tank with nourishing, positive, healthy energy? When was the last time you relaxed? Are you eating well? What are you doing right now to energize yourself?

If your mind had a difficult time answering these questions or you feel as though you're constantly giving and giving without receiving anything in return - it could mean that you're due for an energetic reset.

Just as your car needs frequent maintenance to keep on going and running smoothly, as do you! You can't expect to be living your life walking around on Empty! Why would you want to? Avoid the breakdown. Fill up your gas tank. Service your engine.

There is a radiant, abundant, joyful, open and healthy YOU that deserves to shine in the spotlight. Allow yourself to bloom and blossom.

Here at Heal. in Altamonte Springs we believe that you, yes you, are so capable of living your best life - day in and day out.

Know that we are always just one call away. If your body and mind are tired - yoga, massage, light and sound therapy, salt booth sessions, CBD and meditation are all great tools that will assist in peeling away the layers of stress. The time to feel your very best is NOW. Why wait any longer?

Did you know at Heal. in Altamonte Springs we offer the following energy work?

  • Reiki

  • PureBio Energy Healing

  • Crystal Healing with Take Home Crystals

  • Couples Energy Healing

  • Chakra Balancing Session

  • Sound Healing Session

If you're looking to dive head first into your energetic healing journey, we're Heal. for you!

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