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The Root Chakra--The Foundation for Life

Updated: May 14

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What is the Root (Muladhara) Chakra?

The Root chakra is exactly what it sounds like, the base of everything in your body; flesh, bones, and skin.

Muladhara is the Sanskrit word for the root chakra, and is comprised of two words.

'Mula', meaning root, and 'dhara', meaning base, or support.

The color red is the color associated with the root chakra.

Chakras get their color representation from the elements and surroundings.

Red is for the element of the earth and is related to primal instinct, stability, and vitality.

The root chakra is the first chakra in the energetic body, located at the base of the spine.

Heal. in Altamonte Springs can teach you about your chakras, help when they are blocked, and show you how to get them aligned and balanced.

When your root chakra is balanced you feel strong during times of adversity. A balanced root chakra is responsible for feeling grounded and secure. The Muladhara chakra has a strong link to the survival instinct. When balanced and strong, the energetic feeling is, you are capable of anything. You hold confidence in your abilities, and bring positivity to all areas of your life.

Positive associations of having a balanced Root Chakra:

  • Security and stability

  • Holding a feeling of belonging

  • Having focus and clarity

  • Displaying a vitality for life

  • Showing up for yourself and others

An unbalanced root chakra may cause mental disarray, and can present as other symptoms in the physical body.

Physical symptoms that can arise due to a blocked root chakra are:

  • Problems in the feet or legs

  • A feeling of overall lethargy

  • Gastrointestinal problems, such as digestion issues

  • Anxiety

  • Reproductive issues (in both men and women)

  • Sleep disturbances (sleeping too little or too much)

The root chakra is the body's "survival center", it is super important to balance and center this foundation. The "fight or flight" response can be activated when this chakra is unstable, and there are methods to restore it's circulatory center to function with ease.

Looking in the greater Orlando area for chakra balancing?

Look no further than Heal. in Altamonte Springs.

What you can do to balance the Muladhara (root) chakra are:

  • Grounding--get your bare feet in the grass. Aim for 5 minutes, and work up from there.

  • Get into nature--take a walk, doesn't matter where. Your neighborhood, a park, or a trail.

  • Practice yoga--poses such as shavasana, child's pose, forward fold, or tree pose.

Engage your senses--

  • What do you see? look in wonder at the world around you, the trees, the sky, a butterfly flying past.

  • What do you hear? really listen for all the sounds around you; birds, car horns, an ocean.

  • What do you feel? notice the grass under your feet, the warm sun, the way your clothing feels against your skin.

  • What do you smell? breath in all the scents around you; fresh growing flowers, rain, the scent of clean laundry.

  • What do you taste? be mindful as you eat. Pay attention to each flavor and texture, savor every bite.

Use Affirmations--

  • I am grateful for what my body does for me.

  • I am safe and secure.

  • I move through life without fear.

  • I am connected and grounded in my being.

  • I am worthy of all the abundance in my life.

You don't have to do it alone?

We're Heal. for you:

  • Reiki Sessions--we can help balance all of the chakras and have you feeling more energetically aligned.

  • Reiki Training--learn more about the chakras and how Reiki works with them for use on yourself or others.

  • Reiki/Massage Combo--the best of both worlds. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  • Chakra Balancing--restore your harmonious flow with the use of tuning forks, sound bowls, crystals & reiki energy healing.

  • Couples Energy Healing Session--take your relationship to the next level. Energy says what words can’t and there are so many breakthroughs during a couples healing session. Plus, both of you being in a bliss bubble post sesh is a really amazing feeling too.

  • On on One Coaching with Maria--set up a private consultation to discuss how you can grow personally and/or professionally.

In the greater Orlando, or Central Florida area?

We're always Heal. for you!

Contact us anytime at

Heal. Pain and Stress Relief Center in Altamonte Springs


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