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Three Reasons Women Don't Deserve a Break

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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Yea---Right! Who the heck are we kidding!?

We don't have to be sold this bill of goods, or listen to it.

We need breaks.

Taking time for ourselves is essential.

You would never let your car run out of gas, or let your phone battery die,

yet, we do it to ourselves every single day.

Putting everyone and everything else at the top of our to-do list.

Taking care of everyone else's needs until we are exhausted and empty.

Not this weekend.

This is your time to be.

to be--Relaxed

to be--Taken care of

to be--Nurtered

to be--Free

Break the stereotype that women don't deserve a break.

Take time to nurture yourself,

take a break every chance you get,

because you are allowed to have fun.

Escape your "to-do's" at the UpLyft Retreat!

We can't wait to see you shine all weekend.

Come, get your glow on!

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