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Unclench, Relax, Breathe, AAAHHH.

Updated: May 14

Hey Central Florida,

Unclench your jaw.

Relax your shoulders.

Breathe deeply.

Did you even realize you were holding onto too much tension?

We often don’t notice how much tension we are carrying around.

Find out how our studio in Altamonte Springs can help release the tension you're carrying.

Our bodies are amazing communicators, if we're paying attention.

Do you ever pause long enough?

To feel.

To check in with what’s going on inside.

To acknowledge what you find.

Tension is one cue revealing where we're holding on to too much.

It’s our body's natural reaction to a stressor.

We can’t always avoid stressors, but we can acknowledge and tend to the tension arising within ourselves.

If you're looking for stress relief, pain relief, or the best massage therapist in Orlando, come see us at Heal.

The tension we experience in our bodies, directly correlates to mental tension we are faced with day in and day out.

Have you been taught how to deal with the build-up of stress and tension?

That’s what we’re here for you at Heal. in Altamonte Springs; to provide you with tools to better manage the mental and physical tension you experience in life.

A quick reset available to you at any time, is box breathing, sometimes referred to as Survival breathing. This will help reset your central nervous system providing an opportunity for relaxation and calm anywhere. Take two minutes as often as necessary, to clear your mind and reset your body. It's even great right before sleeping.

Do four rounds, your mind and body will appreciate the break.

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From Breathwork, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Relfexology, and Massage,

We're Heal. for you!

We are Altamonte Springs best kept secret for providing you with total relaxation.

Servicing all of Central Florida and the surrounding areas. Orlando, Longwood, Winter Park, Casselberry, Oviedo, Apopka, Lake Mary, and Heathrow.


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