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Why Chakras Matter, an Introduction

Updated: May 14

What is a Chakra, and how do you say it?

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word (cakra), and translates to "wheel", meaning energy points found in your body.

It is pronounced two different ways, shak-ra or chok-ra, both are correct.

Heal. in Altamonte Springs offers energy work through Reiki trainings, personal one on one sessions, as well as individual and couples healing sessions.

Your body is filled with electricity and electrical impulses,

You are energy itself. It can be described in this analogy.

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"Water? What's that"? -asked the fish.

If you were left scratching your head, trust me I get it.

In human terms, it would be energy... "Energy? What's that"? -asked the human.

Energy is all around us, just as water is all around the fish, giving it life.

Located in seven areas along the spine, chakras are part of our physical and emotional well-being, corresponding with our nerves and organs.

The seven main chakras, have different colors and names associated with them from the sacrum to the crown of the head.

You've probably heard someone talk about their chakras being blocked, and how to have them opened. Heal. in Central Florida can help.

When your chakras are opened and aligned, energy flows more easily through your body, and feelings of harmony and peace exist.

I have witnessed deep changes in individuals through energy work. Everything from clearing their thought patterns to living a less pain filled life. While western medicine has its place, it is often times ignored that a natural, holistic approach may work too.

This is the only the beginning of learning about the chakra system.

Follow along with us at Heal. in Altamonte Springs each week as we discuss all seven chakras, their meanings, and ways to clear and unblock each of them for deeper, harmonious living.

In the greater Orlando area, when thinking about chakra opening to live your deepest life, remember, we're Heal. for you!

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