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You don't need to hold on to all that tension, my friend!

It's ok to soften your shoulders and relax your jaw every once in a while.

It will make such a big difference in your tension levels- both physically and mentally!


Come experience our signature series right here in Altamonte Springs, designed to help you find relief, not just cover it with a band-aid.


 This 4-week series creates the opportunity for consistent and affordable care.

Even better, sessions are only 20 minutes long.


With only one hour of your whole week, and just 4 hours of your whole month...

You will experience:

-more restful sleep

-improved mood

-less feeling of anxiousness

-less physical discomfort

-improved self-talk

-immune system boost

-less feelings of heaviness

Our sessions together beautifully thread a variety of healing modalities together including sound, breath, vibration, meditation, and more.

By combining all these incredible tools together consistently, you can expect some pretty major shifts.


Sign-up for the monthly package and attend 12 classes a month for 2 months, and if you don't notice an improvement in your mood, stress levels, pain levels, and energy levels,

you will get your money back. 

It's time for your reset, my friend.

There is a nice comfy, cozy, table topped in memory foam, with a fuzzy blanket

waiting for you here in Altamonte Springs!

**Disclaimer- only one session per day counts towards your 12 classes a month.

You are welcome to enjoy more than 1 per day, but only 1 counts per day toward your 12

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