Pure BioEnergy Healing

PureBio helps to move stuck and accumulated energies trapped in the biofield that contribute to pain and disease.

All disease, whether physical or mental, has an imbalance at the energetic level that needs to be addressed as well.

We can treat the symptom all we want, but unless we get to the root, problems rarely go away.

Pure Bio gets us to the root.

Each session is 4 treatments that must be done 4 consecutive days in a row.

Because of this, it is a subtle, gentle, non-invasive approach to energy work (which when you are working through years of energetic build-up, energy work can be intense.)

You can click here to watch a video to learn more about Pure Bioenergy Healing with Maria.


When we have imbalances or blockages in our Chakras, it can impact our lives in a big way! Oftentimes, it is the reason behind those things we don’t understand why we do, or why we can’t fix.

Reiki sessions help us to identify where these imbalances are, how they may be impacting us, and what we can do to maintain balance.

Sessions are available in 30, 60, or 90 minutes.