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Sacral Chakra--Sexuality and Creativity

Updated: May 14

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What is the Sacral (Svadhisthana) Chakra?

The Sacral chakra is the second chakra and is located just below the navel in the center of your lower belly. The kidneys, the reproductive organs, and the bladder are located behind this area of the body and are associated with this chakra.

Known to be the pleasure center, it is responsible for feelings and emotions. It's focus is on sexuality, creativity, and the expression of our needs and desires.

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It is associated with the color orange, and the representing element is water.

It's Sanskrit word is Svadhisthana and translates from 'sva' meaning, self. 'Adhisthana' meaning, established.

Another root word, svad, also translates as 'to be liked, be sweet, be pleasant to the taste'.

Being in balance with your Sacral chakra can have you feeling like you are full of energy.

Your creative juices are flowing, ideas are yours to explore, and you feel vibrant and alive.

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Positive associations of your Sacral chakra being in balance:

  • Playing in your creative, whether through dance, cooking, drawing, journaling.

  • Embracing your sensuality and sexuality, being open to giving and receiving pleasure.

  • Self-care, understanding your need for relaxation and rest.

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries.

  • Witnessing synchronicities showing up in your life.

An unbalanced Sacral chakra can have you lacking in creativity, feeling lackluster and depleted, and have an unhealthy addiction to sexual pleasure.

Symptoms of an unbalanced Sacral chakra:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by emotions, as if drowning in them.

  • Escaping everyday life by displaying undesirable behaviors, including with your sexuality.

  • Having low to no energy.

  • Roller coaster feelings. Being way up, or way down.

  • Experiencing lower back pain.

Having a closed sacral chakra may give you feelings of being lost or detached from your emotions. This feeling can extend outside of yourself and leave you feeling this way with others as well.

You may experience anxiety and disconnectedness, or have feelings of being stagnant, or stuck.

Ways to get the Svadhisthana energy moving:

  • Stay Hydrated--this water element chakra needs hydration.

  • Do a cold plunge, or take a cold shower--The idea is to get the energy moving.

  • Meditate--Let the brain be still enough to foster new ideas.

  • Be Playful--Change up your routine, take a new class. (pottery, cooking, poetry, dancing)

  • Workout--Get the blood and energy flowing.

  • Prioritize your self-care--Get a massage, do something just for you.

Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra:

  • I embrace change.

  • Creativity flows from me freely.

  • I am safe to express my sensuality.

  • My passions fuel me.

  • I trust myself and my feelings.

  • My emotions are in balance.

  • I set boundaries for my own protection.

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